Meet Our Board Members

Doug square

Advisor to the Board

Before his second retirement, Doug was the founding managing director of the Philander Chase Corporation, a non-profit land preservation organization associated with Kenyon College. He served as chair of the Farmland Preservation Committee of the Knox County Regional Planning Commission and served on the State of Ohio Farmland Preservation Advisory Board. Doug was a founding trustee of the Owl Creek Conservancy. He is the vice president, director, and member of the executive committee of the Scranton-Averell Company (a land holding company) and is a director of the Bradford & Carter Company (a real estate development company). He served as president of the Brown Fund and currently serves on two committees of the George B. Storer Foundation. For 28 years, he worked in the development office at Kenyon College, retiring from the vice presidency in 2000. He earned his bachelor's and master's degree at Indiana University and received a doctor of laws degree from Kenyon College. Doug's tireless volunteer work on behalf of the Conservancy has been invaluable.