Cheers to National Land Trust Day!

A day that’s near and dear to our hearts over here at Owl Creek Conservancy.  It highlights the vital role of land trusts (like us!) in preserving, conserving, and protecting our natural spaces, prime farm grounds, riparian and woodland areas and more here in Knox County, Ohio.  Read on to see how you can double your donation today!

Here's a few fun facts about land trusts!

  • There are over 1,200 land trust organizations currently active in rural and urban communities across the country.
  • 61 million acres of private land have been conserved to date via land trusts across the United States.  This is more than all the National Parks combined!

Do you know the significance of land trusts and their impact?

  • Land trusts are nonprofit organizations that work tirelessly to conserve land through various means, including land acquisition, conservation easements, and stewardship programs. By partnering with landowners, government agencies, and communities, they safeguard critical ecosystems, promote sustainable land use practices, and foster a deeper connection between people and the natural world.

What can you do to help?

  • There are many ways to get involved and help support us not only on National Land Trust Day but throughout the year as well. From volunteering your time at any of our clean-up events to donating to any of our funds; conservation easement acquisition, stewardship, and endowment.  You can also support our mission by becoming a member.  Every contribution helps further our mission of preserving the beautiful rural nature of Knox County, Ohio.

Every protected piece of land represents a legacy of stewardship and a commitment to future generations.  Together, we can ensure that our natural landscapes here in Ohio endure for years to come, enriching our lives and inspiring wonder for generations to come.  

Help us preserve the rural beauty of Knox County, Ohio and become a member today!